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Archinoma structures and Shelest joint

Archinoma system with Shelest joint in core

is a new solution for constructing space trusses. Thanks to Alix Shelest’ fresh idea it became possible to connect 14 metal tubes in one joint.
This allows to create ultrastrong
architectural fractals of any size and shape.

To test the method we’ve built prototype camping Y-BIO

The core structure of ARCHINOMA system

is mountable-and-dismountable space truss, that serves as a carcass for floors, walls and tent membranes.

ARCHINOMA carcass is extra strong, so as each module is the tetrahedral or octahedral frame by its nature. Together they turn into a regular fractal pyramid that extends according to “Sierpinski pyramid” mathematical model.

Sierpinski pyramid

Such geometry of bearing structure makes
the weight of the load distribute evenly
over the
surface of space truss.

This provides ARCHINOMA structures
with perfect engineering and technical qualities.