Галерея: "BIO"

Y-BIO : chill-out colony

Y-BIO habitation was created for chill-out at the seaside.

Structures are gathered from ARCHINOMA architectural set and installed without any foundation footing.

Only hand guided tools are required to rig kit elements up into ultrastrong tetrahedral modules, which can be put at any side or hang upon any pivot.

First Y-BIO nomad camping was installed at Crimea seaside and served for:

Central 2-level pyramid

consisted of 7 modules and was hanged on 3 chains fixedly attached to 3 vertex of supporting tetrahedrons. There was a tea-space inside with three cells for steam inhalations.

All the objects stand simply on the sand,

without any foundation footing or some other invisible equipment. Manufacture of Y-BIO kit elements and full construction assemblage took 1 (one) month.

The budget of Y-BIO project: 30 000 EUR.