Галерея: "cooperation"

ARCHINOMA :  partnership

ARCHINOMA architectural group

creates exclusive demountable structures for life and leasure in the open air. Objects are built up from architectural construction set invented by Alix Shelest.

Main advantages of ARCHINOMA objects: ultrastrong, longevity, variety of shapes, stability without foundation footing.

Archinoma building process

consists of 3 (three) stages:

1. Development: project explication, artistic solution, utility planning, budget estimation.
Manufacturing of mountable-and-dismountable construction set.
3. Assemblage at chosen place, architectural control, utility connection (electricity, internet, ect).

Time and cost of works will depend on difficulty and purpose of the object.

The project budget of Y-BIO chill-out colony is 30 000 EUR.

If you like our works,

please contact us at any time.
Today we stay at Crimea peninsula, but ARCHINOMA is perfectly possible all over the World.

e-mail : master@archinoma.com
url : http://www.archinoma.com
facebook : archinoma